Before i start on what i’m suppose to blog.
i’ll share a small testimony on what happened on the final hours right before the Actsperiment went to be mass produce.

Most of you guys know about the Actsperiment, for those that don’t, it’s our church very own recorded, mixed and mastered album which all done in house. Low Budget and Real short killer dateline.
We spent the whole sunday night till monday morning trying to get the songs out while the whole of Malaysia is watching out champion trying his best to win a Gold medal in the Olympics.

With high spirits (yes, high on Nips and Milo), we manage to finish mixing all 6 songs.
Then it came.. The dreaded stage in recording a song. MASTERING.

Whats mastering you ask? here is a short explanation and definition on what Mastering is.

  • Making a Audio track industry standard in Volume wise and it being a master copy for printing.

It was about 5 or 6 in the morning, we were suppose to rush a copy by 7 for pastor before he heads out to KK for ministry. Ears that are worn out and tired minds ain’t a good combination when it comes to mastering.. Usually mastering is done a day after when the final mix is done and it takes almost a day to get a good mastered song out.

Tired minds and ears, we did our best to master what every track we could.

In any case, we could not get a mastered copy out for pastor in time. we were just too tired to carry on, so decided we take a two hours break. All we needed was a miracle to even get this done by noontime, which was the set dateline to be sent for printing.

One of our brothers who is involve in the Actsperiment said this before he left for work.
yes, we had people working all night and then leave for work in the morning. haha..

“Don’t worry, give me the mix.. and i’m sure we can get it out by noontime. i’m not sure how we gonna do it or get it out, but i believe it will be done by noontime.”

Well, i guess none of us really took in anything of what he said because we were really really tired.
he then took off to work while we took a short break which became a 2 hours nap for me and continuation of being a zombie for my 2 other brothers.
i guess around 10 plus. Our brother who quoted the above quote, came back and this miracle that i was praying for through out my sleep came to pass.

We manage to master and track the album right before the dateline with a program which felt like it was a God Made program just to save us in this final hour. Here is a short testimony of the crazy one week spent at F.L.A.T fish.

God sees, and God works in little ways. Hope you are blessed listening to CD.


Alright, Back to what i wanted to blog.

A good 2 months i guess, before i found myself again.
Many people today, felt the rain that poured this afternoon.
From your Office windows, Along the streets, in the car.

I stood in the rain.

Tiny droplets that fell on the ground formed in somewhat tiny bells ringing in your ear. Soothing?
i guess i needed it today though. it almost felt like God is just washing me over.. silly?
A tiny opening in the clouds, you could almost catch a small fraction of the sun… Funny?

ahh.. wanted to post a “angry” post with a sign like this

I guess rain just does funny things to people. another vague post?

Most of my previous post will go under a password, do get it from me. if you are really iching to read any. =)