November 2008

..It’s breathtaking to think of you
And to learn that sometimes the only way out is through
It’s mindnumbing to think of yesterday,
I’d run to you now if I could but things have changed

Let’s show them how to live
Accept the pain.
Always forgive
Watch the sun go down
Learn the sound of following.
All that’s complete..

-Second Place Victory
This day & age

Stumble across this song on my Itunes playlist.
I know i know emo.

so i’m gonna post up another song which describe my current feeling.
Which is to counter what i previously felt when i listen to the song above.

Kick butt! haha!

Now I can taste
The war that I’ve been fighting
Start to fall but I’m still standing here
Behind the wall of dying faith

I can’t forget
The fight that’s growing stronger
Face to face with hopes of longer days
To build on something we should save

I stand alone
I’m on my own
My hands will bleed (my hands will bleed!)
I’m holding on to what is gone
What’s left of me?

I’m falling down
But I should find my strength in this
A light that burns to reconnect
My heart for what it’s meant to give

Stand again so I can
Stand again so I can
Stand again so I can


I stand alone
I’m on my own
My hands will bleed (my hands will bleed!)
I’m holding on to what is gone
What’s left of me?!

Falling Down
Story of the year.

mind the back portion of the songs.
If you must know, that is what we as sound engineers normally do in the studio.

Just laughing it out and having fun.

just a side note.
just another random song that played when i was blogging this.

I heard you say you would love for a lifetime
Now you complain a lifetime just doesn’t feel right for you
Another casualty of casual love
Another soul out of place, a heart that gave up

Why do we break the promises we make?
Are we living for ourselves?

Don’t Give up on Love
Sanctus Real

well, sorry for the songs, pretty much describe what’s been cooked up all this while

Enjoy! =)


I found a baby sister at AKHP today.

Super super cute. ahhaha! so cute you wanna pinch her cheeks and boy.
She say the darnest things as well. haha!

“teacher benji, you have so much pimples.”
“Oh, so what should i do ah?”

“That’s life, you gotta deal with it.”

how adorable is that? hahha!

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The Birds and the Bee sides by Relient K
A pretty cool album i could say. it’s some what like Steven Curtis Chapman ‘s All bout Love.
i guess it’s all Matt Thiessens‘s collected songs he wrote and it’s a one time release for all this collected songs.

A slight diversion from the whole Punk rock for God genre to more on the “Love” theme.

For a time I thought there was a thief among us
I thought I’d track him down but prior to my pursuit
The smoke had cleared and to my disbelief
There was no thief cause it was me
That lost you

And there’s just one last thing that I have to say
As we reflect on the mess of all of this I’ve made
It was cowardice that made me push you away
I was so afraid cause you were so much better than me

I guess it’s safe to say you’re never coming back
and i’ll understand why you wouldn’t want to

-There was no Thief
Relient K

The highlighted was a extra line that added to this song, and it was previously called “The Thief”
A friend commented on this song saying:

” ..but being able to let go and wish people well is what makes a great man. =)”

I guess even rockers who plays stuff like Relient K have thier days as well.

When February rolls around I’ll roll my eyes
Turn a cold shoulder to these even colder skies
And by the fire my heart it heaves a sigh
For the green grass waiting on the other side

It’s always winter but never Christmas
It seems this curse just can’t be lifted
Yet in the midst of all this ice and snow
Our hearts stay warm cause they are filled with hope

-In Like A Lion (Always Winter)
Relient K

Don’t we all feel that way sometimes?
when it’s always winter but never christmas.

and all you could do is just breathe a sigh and carry on with this.

Just thought i had to post something after a week of silence.
So hear you are. and i won’t just post Youtube videos and call it a update.
or as a Friend of mine put it.

“I learnt from the best”

In these moments, where you close your eyes.
In these moments, where i begin to realize.
Moments that don’t come twice, we paid that price.

Moments you sit back, and wonder why.

Here we are under these wide open sky.
keep your heart close to yours and mine to mine.
In these moments, nothing more then you and me.

Moments you sit back, and wonder why.


Again and again. this is so far the best “Musical” that i’ve seen so far.

Kudos to Rachel chew for the band pictures!
Awesome job!

Kind of went all the way to dengkil to get these shots.
My Bad guys for being late! hahaha!
wasn’t really going for poser pictures but hey. it turned out pretty good.

Largest Rabbits on Tour

So much for the conceal faces of the rabbits.
This is just so know who and how we look like. hahaha.

Jack had this caption in Facebook.
“no we don’t do drugs.”

So here you are.
Largest Rabbits on Tour

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