December 2008

Just a short post to say Happy new year to you guys!

and something just for you people visits my blog.. here is a song and lyrics for you!

..In open skies we’ll float like this forever
we’ all have nip by birds and stung by the bees

It’s a good goodnight
for a real good time
I’ve got a pocketful of reasons why i need you by my side

and if we return to our lifes
we’ll recollect when we were on this magic carpet ride..

-Good goodnight
The Fold.

Good goodnight by The Fold

Yes, i’ve got a pocketful of reasons, but no you. haha.

But i hope you’ll find everything you thought you would, tonight.
So i can get some sleep tonight.


Maybe i’ll find my way around..

it’d can’t be that bad, right?
what more options do i have?

None. to be exact.

look to God also points to that direction..  can i?

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
a broken and contrite heart,
O God, you will not despise.

Psalms 51: 17

Here am i.

here am i…

I sense the frustration within his voice.
I could only question why?

“What is your problem?”

is the only thing that ran through my head.

I guess he is still searching.. who can blame him?
“why the angry tone?” some might question him..

When something that is given away by him and he sees it being thrown away.
This time, only silence words rang from his lips.
“I guess something that comes deep within does not count at all..”

He stopped.


“This time, i’m giving it away.”


It’s a title for one of the songs i’m doing, emo huh?

These skys, these stars.
These are the formation that remains through out the night.
Like a wind, you go.

At the light of the day.
Gradient, colorful, you disappear.

for all i know, i bled of color.

yes yes emo.

In the midst of making “Stars beneathe your feet” i came out a tune for this.
Thats what the wee hours of the morning can do to you.

and now.

to find a Er qing and a Cello for this song..

Been pretty busy lately with “work”
yes. WORK.

been trying to build my portfolio up, in any case.
With my limited Equipment and Crappy processing speed on my lappie.

I manage to get The Big Show’s Theme song out.
Well, more like in progress.
but thank God people who is gracious enough to lend me Equipments that is dated back to the 90’s
but it’s cool non the less..

People have LED on thier mixers, i have VU meters. how cool is that!

on the other hand.

I’m working on a Small little EP called “The Userguide”
It’s more of a Electronica/Experimental thing.. hopefully i can get it done cum January

Boom! Stay tune for “The Userguide”

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was today.
Stumbled on a band called Fightstar.

Seeing that the Lead Singer and Frontman is from Busted. I’m not Kidding.
My expectation of them is as you put it very low.

and man, was i so ever wrong.

Formed in 2003. and they are really good!
In terms of Recording quality and sound.

-We Apologize For Nothing

Pretty good stuff and the drummer really reminds me of edmund from AOT. haha!

Just a sidenote.
I just realized that no matter how crappy of a picture you put on facebook.
it will still look really nice.. yeah, random.