January 2009

Well, just a short update.

Work staring soon, hopefully
people, still the same
Dreams, still intact

Heres to a lonnggg roller coaster ride this year.


It’s gonna be a lonely 11th of jan..

I looked at watch. 11.14p.m.

okay, i’ve decided and i’ll go for it.
Looking down on the screen, i gave it a quick glance and pondered for a moment.
She looked at me, waited for my answer.

“I’ll take this seat on this row.” i smiled back.

“Ok, Four Christmases for tw..o..  i mean one..” she smiled back.

“Thanks.” as i paid and took the ticket.

“Alone huh? or people stood you up for the movie?” she smiled back

“Nah~ just alone. thanks anyway.”

Found a good spot, wrapped myself up in my hoodie and just watch.

Unexpected, or expected of me?
Emo? nah~ i don’t count it as emo.

A friend once call this “Alone time” or “A much needed “me” time.”

well, i got stood up for supper, if you really wanna know.
so yeah, guess i’m too lazy to drag people to come for supper, so i thought would be a better option

Freaky to know, people read your blog but don’t leave comments.. yeah.. it is..

Been years since i been up there. close to 10 years perhaps.
awesome time, people and much needed get away from KL for a change.

despite freezing tempreture during the night due to rain, i can say it is pretty enjoyable

Apart from the boh tea plantation and some “unknown” strawberry farm that we went.
we din’t do much sight seeing.

apart from the night, we went to Starbucks.

Yeah, Starbucks in freaking Cameron Highlands.

I’m pretty much too tired to blog all on what really happen up Cameron, so do ask the people that went or me.
Check out the pictures on Facebook would be a better option.

I guess i’m better at blogging emo stuff. lol!

So i’m giving a 5 word review on this holiday.

Greatest Day of Our Lives!!!

guys, next time somewhere hotter with a beach?

Here we go, the ride of my life.

come to think of it.. shooting straight into the working world seems like a gaint leap.
Look on.. there is a sense of security that you only know that God is the only provider in this.

I’ve picked up a couple of projects that i hope to accomplish this year.

  1. A Vocal booth
  2. A long list of Audio equipments

All this will eventually lead up to the biggest project i’m doing, that is “Project Record Label
Name of the record label? still thinking about it. A friend of mine suggested it to be “Userguide Records”


well, earlier 20s and i wanna start business that that huge, who knows.

It’s a dream only God can finish.

and you can help by saying yes! count me in this project.

sounds like a advert.. haha!

Happy new year guys! and girls.

as much it is overplayed on Malaysian airwaves, Say(All i need) by One Republic is pretty good though.


Well, all i need
is the air i breathe
and a place to rest my head

-Say (All i need)
One republic

Too bad when i needed to breathe.
Just too breathless to do so.