March 2009

..Days like these i wish i never left your side
You are beautiful dear, beautiful tonight

..I miss that smile on your face
I miss that smile on your face (I am with you now)

-Going for My Lungs
The Fold

Will be going off tomorrow again for Revo Kuantan!
I so need to focus on what i should do..

yes, focus, focus.


call me lame or just nothing better to do.

Miri and KK was an awesome trip! more so, i picked up some big words or two in miri and KK and used them the wrong way. but hey! it made people laugh or rather laughing at me.

well. this is something i thought i’ll do.

Helps me improve my grammar and make you laugh. so here goes.

This city’s colder than it used to be
Sometimes I wonder can anyone else see
My heart’s not broken but it seems to be ignoring me

Midnight is where the day begins, get up and get over it
The darker the berry the sweeter is the wine

This city’s colder than it used to be
Sometimes I wonder can anyone else see
My heart’s not broken this time but it seems
I’ve just spent to long in this place I believe

-New City
The Fold.

The Wind, as it brushes along my face.
It’s been a long time since i felt it.. night skies that could be as bright as day.
The city lights reflected along the coastline.

I’ve been hoping to see the coastline again, like i said the last round.

The night sky, the night city lights.
This tiny droplets of night rain on my face.

the city really seems colder than it use to be.


Yes, exactly 5 more days i’ll be flying off to Miri for Revolution Tours ’09.

It feels kinda wierd having a holiday, like today(9th of March).
You get up from bed feeling the need that you need to finish your work that you left behind at the office.
but then again, when you are working, you want to catch up on the so call “Much Needed Sleep”

For me i think it’s the fact that i have pending due dates that is looming over my head

I guess it’s a pretty good chance to take a good break from myself in KL.
Other than ministering in both Miri and KK, i guess i’m preparing to be ministered as well..

How in the world do you take a break from yourself?
sometimes i amaze myself when i pen down my thoughts.. awesome..

Hey looks like i’m doing a preeeetttyyyy good awesome job on following up on my pose!

At times, i’ll just go back to my normal happy gay pose.
Why do i like to do this? Smacks face.

Well, Happy birthday.
Jack ling, Ps andy, Ps alex and Joshua Chu!