April 2009

Hey what’s with the girls with the stars in their eyes? 
Screaming blame, love kisses tears and lies
From your lipsticked lips will they ever learn? 
I’ll take it in for a second before we crash and burn

And we are alright now, but we’re feeling tremors

It’s like a landslide from the top of the world get up, 
get up and turn it around
And baby we can get on with it.
It’s like a landslide from the top of the world tonight, 
but hey I’m up for the fight
and lately I’m not sleeping.

– New Skeptic
The Fold.


It’s been three days since i can actually know what to pen down.

and honestly, i can’t seem to do so till today.
i think the aircon in my office room is getting to me..

I mean i’m fine and all but most days, i really look forward to the bus ride home.
Just to be alone and just think. in which i can’t recall what i’ve been thinking about all that bus ride home..

but oh well.


heres to this senseless post.

and to your pretty eyes.


These pretty eyes, happiness.
Spreads across her face

Flowing from the pretty summer dress of hers.

Things you will never know of her, of her past, present and future
too hard and yet too far to find out, to know, to comprehend.

These pretty eyes, happiness
radiance  bounces off her hair

Flowing from the pretty summer dress of hers.

You’ll look for her, but can never find he
as she races across your thoughts and disappears in the star bright morning
Happiness, when you’ve found her.
Lest we forget, it always dawns on every new beginnings.

These pretty eyes, ended as it begun
this two page story

nothing, but these pretty eye and her summer dress.
you’ll remember.

as she disappears, not knowing when, where or how.

you’ll meet these pretty eyes again.

I can never find a face that could understand how much i miss you now.

-Love isn’t mad
Jon foreman.


at the right timing, it then comes in a grand parade.
a Parade celebrating it all.

Nothing less, but so much more.

at the right timing.


we’ve all
Been bit by the birds and we’ve
All been stung by the bees

You tell me, where in the world is
And where on earth is love? Is it in your smiling eyes
Or your goodnight kiss?

It isn’t
Healthy to miss you as much as

It’s a good goodnight, for
A real good time
I got a pocket
Full of reasons why i need you by my side

-Good goodnight
The Fold 


Been busy lately with the whole actsperiment and revolution.

So with being busy means that i don’t have much time to update, and with minimal time to update meaning i have nothing much to say.
but i finally have!

and here is to the story that ends where it begins!


if you have the time check out www.youtube.com/actsperimentvlog