May 2009

I have never seen a pair of eyes quite like yours..

The Lonely Heart

and it’s the first and last thing i wanna see,

before we exchange goodbyes.


..Sight and sound will lift you down

-Lift you down
The Turning

And another quote by The Turning in the same song.

When you’re reaching for the sky
Do you ever wonder why
you always come up empty
Baddest deal so tempting

It’s the same old story

It’s been long since i last felt the warmth of the sun..
even the morning sky and air felt cold and bitter on my skin.

Maybe i deserve it all.

or maybe i don’t at all..

This place unknown, i don’t feel time, space or myself.
Come now sleep.

But lately, i’m just not sleeping..

When you have the whole night of working.

You’ll end up with alot of “free time” to think about stuff. In other words, be emo.
working in the wee hours of the night.

It really feels like you are alone in the world.

just take a breather at 4 in the morning outside of office, not one soul can be seen or found.
warmly and briefly greeted by the warm street lights and the cool night breeze.

Funny, the stars at the time of the night seem to shine it’s brightest, just a small observation..

and it’s been 5 days of 2 or even less time of sleep.
there is only one song that can really describe it. i’m serious.Well, all I need

Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My headDo you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Better than you had it
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Do you think you can find it?
Yeah, better than you had it (Better than you had it)

-Say (All i need)

Real sleepy eyes..
i’m always caught in my own world most of the time when i’m walking out to get some makan
i guess i’m tired, i can be deep in thought and walking. i’m dead serious.


Here you go, a pointless post! hahaha.

*shakes head*

can’t imagine buttons being thrown into a island. and being deserted.


a friend once said that:

“California is for lovers.”

Or so he quoted from a much famous t-shirt in the States
Seasons or a long term goal?

..or how to be a man with a lonely heart
with an iron fist and a perfect smile

oh i can’t believe in things that feels right, honey honey.

– Passive Aggressive
The Lonely hearts

But who am i kidding?

this particular season i’ve seen alot of thing.
music, Love in the air, people smiling more, hope and krispy kreme.

Am i hoping of any of these to happen to me? maybe.

At least i’m too busy to even think about any of these.

but on a random note, i liked what The Fray quoted in their song “Happiness”

Happiness is just outside my window
Would it crash blowing 80-miles an hour?
Or is happiness a little more like knocking
On your door, and you just let it in?

Happiness feels a lot like sorrow
Let it be, you can’t make it come or go
But you are gone- not for good but for now
Gone for now feels a lot like gone for good

Happiness is a firecracker sitting on my headboard
Happiness was never mine to hold
Careful child, light the fuse and get away
‘Cause happiness throws a shower of sparks

Happiness damn near destroys you
Breaks your faith to pieces on the floor
So you tell yourself, that’s enough for now
Happiness has a violent roar

Happiness is like the old man told me
Look for it, but you’ll never find it all
Let it go, live your life and leave it
Then one day, wake up and she’ll be home
Home, home, home

The Fray.

Well, enjoy your week ahead.