August 2009

Oh I adore the way you carry yourself
With the grace of a thousand angels overhead..


Despite the rain and killer winds, we made to UPM
I should say that it was rather impressive to know that the CAMPUS+HOSTEL only make up 1/3 of UPM

2/3 is plantations, Farms etc.


the after CF makan session with the UPM peeps.
and boy, can mamak food be any slower. heh.

but overall was a good time just catching up with the peeps there and just connecting.

I came to learn about two things on the trip there

  1. UPM is known as University Putra Malaysia, not Petani.
  2. Christine laughters is EXACTLY the same as Michelle Ng’s. Boy was that scary.


Ok, today is friday and this weekend is gonna be a fast and yet slow weekend.
next week.

is gonna be a slow draggy week.

who would have thought 9 days could be so long. heh.

Up totally threw my expectation out of the window and gave me new ones.

If you haven’t watch the movie, you might wanna skip this till you watch it
if you don’t care. well, read on.  



Watching it just got me thinking.

There is a saying that goes. 
“Don’t miss the smaller things in Life.”

or i quote from the movie Stranger Than Fiction 

And we must remember that all these things, the nuances, the anomalies, the subtleties, which we assume only accessorize our days, are effective for a much larger and nobler cause. They are here to save our lives.

well, if you watched the movie you’ll know what i mean.

wanting so much to get “there” you tend to oversee most of the beautiful part of “getting there.”
“The Adventure” was not about getting there but rather, it’s been happening in Carl Fredricksen‘s life all along.
yeah i know i’m spoiling the movie but yeah.

Flipping through the scrapbook that Ellie his wife gave him, a montage of pictures displaying their wedding
picnic times, and all the stuff that they did together. seems pretty ordinary to see in a scrap book


Having to see these few words as Carl Fredricksen flip to the last page of the scrap book that Ellie gave him.

Thanks for the Adventure! now! go and have a new one!

 Love, Ellie. 

Really took the movie to a new height, well thought of script. A class seriously, A CLASS! =D
anyways, i guess the biggest adventure started when he met ellie



Pretty much feels like faith, don’t you think so?

It’s not where faith wants you to get to,  but HOW faith is gonna get you there.

well, if that actually ties in, i don’t know.
so here you are. a small but spoiler-ful review for you! 


i guess it’s so much more than a heart-warming kinda movie.
I give it 7/10. 

Go watch it, it’s worth it.

We come in peace.

Awesome watching some REAL awesome explosions in action
wayyyyy better weapons compared to transformers and G.I Joe.

seeing heads blown off and severe body parts cause by alien machine guns and blasters







like finally, someone got it right!



I’m was then, and i’m still the same now.

Here am i at the cross roads
Which one should i take?
the wide or the narrow?
the deep or the shallow?


“i’ve picked the  narrow road, the one which has no comfort and you’re led to just rely. just believe. just trust in what God is doing”

Honestly, i’m scared.
Having to make a decision and having to follow through.
Thats something you can say, it’s really Christ like. You don’t see Jesus just decided to stop going to the cross and say
“hey, you know what it’s just too hard and painful. i’ll turn back now.”

and i’m glad He din’t.

and He handled it well.

But if it takes having to live for that one bigger purpose and willing to just fight for it.

i’ll do it.

so here we go……


Funny how you can sit across all you ever dream and hope for.

and still fumble on words.
Like how it goes.

“The perfect words never cross my mind and there was nothing in there but you.”
Sounds silly i know.

maybe i am silly. heh.

We came a lonngggg way, heres to Actsperiment 3.0!

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