November 2009

(500) days of summer. hah! =D



So let go
Let go
Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth
Attempt to place our lives into your hands
Confide in what you’ll do
Cause sometimes when you’re trying to sleep
And all your doubts and your faith don’t agree its cause
Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth

– The Truth
Relient K


And i heard this back when i was editing a MTG about Faith by Pr.Kenneth.

Faith is not what you wish for but what you wish for.


Where are we today? pretty bold statement.
Have we lost it? are we still holding on?

but i count all that was done yesterday lost. i pressed on forward knowing that i’m not relying on past achievements but relying on faith.

The question that i asked myself looking at the picture is.

Where we today? it’s pretty scary to say that we gone from woah to no.

where are you today? seriously. Don’t compromise on faith.
you might just have to answer to God and be accounted for what you done and lives you impacted.

it’s pretty scary to tell God that you done nothing but just to live for yourself.
it’s scary indeed.

rubbing hands together in glee, taking my space and just anticipating.
Everything in order? Check.

and off we went, a moment long-awaited for.

a rush of cold air greeted my face.

wow, what a beautiful view. A little piece of heaven for a while?
maybe.. but then you realized that it was a beautiful view and a long way to fall.


Off we went.

“Why am i doing this?” She who shall not be named yelled.

Too late for this. Woosh was the final thing i heard before the descend.
where’s my heart? oh there it is.

adrenaline was injected. never felt this good before.
Was it good?


well, a day at genting was nice! manage to catch most of the rides. Despite the rain and all.
Manage to still catch the more thrilling ones.

Oh, we did the Superman coaster thingy. and again it was;


We conquered most of the Roller Coasters in Genting despite the long line.
Line that is filled with School kids and people who have no idea what a line is.

The Corkscrew was B.E.A.Utiful.
had to rain when we were on the rain, which made it even more awesome.

and again, i would it was;


Mind the photofest, but yeah. People love pictures. right? RIGHT?

Nevertheless, i had alot of fun just chilling and catching up with fun.

Jeff, alicia, E-laine, Salby a.k.a OA, Allison.
Thanks Guys! you guys made my day!

The night before this was L4D 2 with Dave, Luco and Edwin.

Then there was me, Alan, Mark teen, Sarah, Sarah Jane and Melly woo.
Before L4D 2 i had dinner with this other bunch of peeps whom i love and never gotten to hang out with!

talk about non-stop round the clock hanging out and heart-attack pumping events.
I think there is still a slot for B.I.G Campus party as well.

well, it was Awesomely OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Long post? and not emo? yup. thats awesome.

I think it’s so shocking that Gino the Dinosaur agrees as well.

And yeah, it was shocking to the O.A as well.

Malaysia, oh Malaysia.

Most of the times we lose sight on how awesome our country is.
not talking about politics and crap and all that.

sure.. it’s a bittersweet thing but you can’t run from the fact that i’m born Malaysian.

I found this funny but reading it halfway, i felt a pinch in me saying that is just not right.
Other than trying to make a difference, we have people bad mouthing and being all ass about it.

i know it’s a site that i should not take or be serious about, but it’s pretty sad what they wrote and made fun of about Malaysia. it’s not a joke no more, it’s really under the belt.

I’m just so bothered on what they wrote on Malaysia, to a point i’m disgusted with the person who wrote it.

why can’t we just pray for our country? why can’t we just bless our leaders?
i think it’s messed up because we keep on cursing it.

Just praying for righteousness in all of this.
One day, maybe one day.

11 Light is shed upon the righteous
and joy on the upright in heart.

– Psalms 97:11

just righteousness.

Been listening back to a wide array of “Unplayed” and “Forgotten” songs on my Itunes.
Been trying to get my mind set back on Actsperiment 3.0
Been Looking for good ways and even more effective ways to record stuff.
Been reading up on studio acoustics to prepared for the new studio.

Been this, been that.

had some awesome update cooked up. but yeah. as usual. i keep it in.


You’re a needle girl
In a haystack world
We are right now

You breath it in
The highs and lows
We call it living

In this needle and haystack life
I’ve found miracles there in your eyes
It’s no accident we’re here tonight
We are once in a lifetime
Oh, oh

-Needle and Haystack life


The Glow in the mist, the midnight air clinging onto you.

Never felt this for ages! refreshing one would say.
away from the urban lights and city stains.
Despite cold rains and thunder storms happening everywhere, it felt like a clear day up there.

No stars could be seen though, but it’s alright.

 “Finally my hoodie can keep me warm and cool at the same time” I joked.

Apart from the hot chocolates and Dino Jokes, it was awesome time spent.
Yeah yeah, Itouch and Laptops makes everyone anti-social.
i had fun.

Took a breath and went home that night. 



Got up late, but i still made it for pre-production for “Have Your Way” for Actsperiment 3.0


Enjoy the photofest. heh.

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