Another casualty of casual love, Another soul out-of-place, a heart that gave up
Why do we break the promises we make? Are we living for ourselves?

With teary eyes, she sat on the floor.
having to pick up the pieces, having to mend the tiny holes.
You can see she is tired.

Why should it take losing everything to realize it might be time to change?

yes, he decided to leave. not a word.
and he told her “we’ll be together always”, the promise ring on her finger was trying to shine.
but it can’t.

and we sat there, hearing her heart.
I wished she din’t get into this, i wished she was stronger. I wished this din’t have to happen.

all in all, he ran away.
He ran away and we have here.
a girl with a broken heart.

Your restless heart won’t win ’cause you take but you don’t give
And you’ll keep moving on until you learn what love is

and so it is, you will never win. how you promised and how you left her.
I thought that she was worth fighting for, but you din’t, you ran away.
you said it was different this time, now she can’t trust what anyone has to say.

you are still my friend

and i thought that she’d never end up like this with you, and she did.
please be sure the next round? cause it really breaks me and even all her friends around her.

Another casualty of casual love

She picks up the pieces, looks up. presses on.
stay strong you, I said stay strong.

Lyrics by Sanctus Real, Don’t give up