Give me something brighter, Give me something I can see
Give me something vicious, Give me something I can be
Give me all the love and peace to end these wars
Give me something sacred, something worth fighting for

.. Show me something gorgeous, show me till my eyes get tired.

-These Hard Time
Need to Breathe.

I’ve seen it, keep on showing me Lord.


The bride was stunning, the bridegroom beaming
yes, another couple in Acts tied the knot last Saturday.

Congrats again to Alvin Keng and Jessica chan, which is now. a Keng as well. heh.

I remembered Alvin was talking to me about this.

It would be so cool if we could play soundtracks through the wedding, during the ceremony and all.

Soundtracks. heh
who knew that music could play such a big part in huge events in our lives? it’s so “behind the scenes” but “in your face” at the same time.
Never thought about that before.

Unknowingly people “Insert sound tracks” into stuff/events/people
when you listen to certain music, hum to a tune. you’ll tend to relate or think about a certain event or even person.
Pretty cool term to say that, we are compiling soundtracks of our life constantly.

ah well, it’s just a thought there. yeah i know random.

A huge congrats again to Alvin and Jess! heres to this new amazing soundtrack both of you guys are writing now!