“..Henry wudnt spend a cent on a shoe he really liked, but when he went to buy his Bible this morn he chose the “best” & paid with his own cash”

-Joshua Chu

Talk  about the value of God in henry’s life. Never knew how much this quote meant until i stepped into SAE.

looking on at the outstanding amount. seeing all that i ever needed or dream of buried within that amount.
One could say that that; Life is always hard or go God is unfair.

but honestly my heart sank.

Henry who is only 13 years old this year.
chose God over the shoe that he liked.
i’ve been shopping with this kid before, his dad is pretty well to do.

but i guess in his heart, he knows that all things good does not come from his dad.
but his Daddy in heaven.

i sat in my car. looked at that sheet of paper.

for the longest moment.
at the moment i decided to utter anything at all.

“Just know that I AM ALWAYS GOOD.”

Just like that.

Looking up into the skies and i see rolling clouds of thunder passing overhead.

and i believe.

Let’s this on.

When your tunnel’s still dark at the end
Even Now
His children don’t know why but trust their Father’s at their side
So hold His hand – hold up your hope
Even Now

-Even now
Foolish Things.