May 2010

At times, i am rendered breathless.


“For all the things inadequate, Well nobody will be gratified.
Mixed of thoughts of greed, normality. Massacres of the unfortunate.
The future is, yeah, totally in vague. Arousing hatred, resentful features.”

Barricade, Love me Butch

We don’t see it everyday.
i guess we either hide the fact that we are. in deed, do speak hate everyday.
Against brother, country, situation. Whether knowingly or unknowingly.

“I hate my college bus system!”
“This whole government system, is really bad.”

Others run away.
and yet still, from a far. still speak about it, expecting the people within to change the system from within.

“I look around and I know there’s a lot in the world that I want to see changed–and I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to see things change, in myself as much as in the world around me.”

Jon foreman.

First and foremost, the change within ourselves.
A battle with yourself, hardest warfare you can ever fight. and it’s always on-going.
A change in spirit and attitude.

Be it apathy, hate, disrespect, fear.

it all has to bow to the will of wanting change for the better.
the will of Jesus, the will of the Holy Spirit.
A fight for change within myself, ourselves and our all around.

It so easy to let hate out of our lips, speak love.
To brothers, Country.
and to your situation.

Before you start with changing where you are.
Start with what you speak.

Life or Death, you choose.

18 There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword,
But the tongue of the wise promotes health.

Proverbs 12:18 (NKJV)

I’m still trying.
and i wanna speak love.

I’m trying my best.

I wanna speak love and see change.

“Christ will never be cool. Terrifying, life-changing, shocking, and iconoclastic, but never cool. Jesus is not my homeboy. The Gospel will always be relevant but never trendy.” – Jon foreman.

Why try so hard to be cool when you could be relevant?

Paul was never cool, infact he was much cooler when he was trying to bring down Christianity among the jews.
he had gangs following him around to be “cool”

Guess what.

When he was Relevant. People listen.
Jesus was relevant, Crowds follow him.  thousand of people are just waiting around him just waiting for him to say something that could change their life, which it did.

People drawn to relevant things. cool things. not so much.
I guess people are craving for something deeper than just cool.

Things that touches the heart would mean more that then external.

Relevant is the word.

Love is always relevant. and i guess thats what Jesus did.

He loved.

Shouldn’t we be relevant also and love?

Everyone you don’t have to run, You don’t have to find escape and wait for kingdom come
You don’t have to run.
No need to hide from grace, just let love take you away

-Everyone, After Edmund.

What people need is not bashing or advise, they need love.
I forgotten who quoted this, but it’s pretty true when the person said.

Instead of asking them why they did it, we should listen and love them. i think all they need is love.

I think

Most of them are getting weary from all the running.
and i’m not gonna sit here and watch them.