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She twirls round and around, flowers beneath her feet. Hair sweeps along with the wind.
and radiant, she stops for a moment. The wind kisses her face as they pass her by..
and there, brushes her hair off her face, smiling.

Lovely, she inspires the sun to shine a little brighter.

She inspires..
..Amazingly important




All worth fighting for, and believing for

and i believe, one day.


you know that i could use somebody
you know that i could use somebody
someone like you

off in the night,
while you live it up, i’m off to sleep
waging war to shake the poet and the beat

i hope it’s gonna make you notice
i hope it’s gonna make you notice
someone like me
someone like me
someone like me

(I’m waiting)
(I’m waiting)

-Use somebody
Kings of Leon

We’ve all been bit by the birds and we’ve
All been stung by the bees

You tell me, where in the world is
And where on earth is

Is it in your smiling eyes
Or your goodnight kiss?

-Good goodnight
the Fold.

Lonely finds me
One day, You will come
I’ll wait, for love’s sick
One day to me, love

-One day
Trading Yesterday

Running out of songs on my playlist, and let this be in my December playlist!

and we are at the month of December.
And i’ll keep it to myself from across the room. =D

Stay beautiful nonetheless. =)


Just some snap shots of the Voice Over project that i’ve been doing.

I just have to end this post with this pic.

and this qoute that i wrote on twitter.

This is what 12.30am looks like. and we are calling it a warp. oh yeah.. i mean wrap.

Yes, Photofest again! you got to love it!

You’re a needle girl
In a haystack world
We are right now

You breath it in
The highs and lows
We call it living

In this needle and haystack life
I’ve found miracles there in your eyes
It’s no accident we’re here tonight
We are once in a lifetime
Oh, oh

-Needle and Haystack life


Let there be good mornings’
Tender offerings
Let there be star filled evenings’
Don’t wanna fall back down to the ground

Hello there, hello there

Spending awkard nights
I’m thinking of you tonight
See me through the fight

We fight, we hide
We belong.
I pray we Belong.

The days, the ways
All seems so far away
With a glimmer of hope, i’ll fight this with you
If you let me tonight.

-Let there be good mornings’

Casually I walk under the sunless sky, yet so naively.
She was the first one to catch my eye, and I was hers.
All at once I fell for you, you fell for me, we fell too soon… 

More of a climb and less of a walk, and we are fading.
Once jealousy begins I swear it will not stop; am I still yours? 

This isn’t over it never was; are you the type to settle or move one just because it’s easier for you?
Or are you feeling like you need to get away from looks you never got and words I did not say? 

I’d say them all today, if I could…

The more words I speak
the less they mean, so I’ll keep quiet.
Love was a promise that we could not keep, but I still care.
All I know is I was wrong; now I’m here, you’re gone…

We held fast, and we held strong, but that only lasts for so long… 


Friday is always a sleepy and slow day.
Friday end Friday END!

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