Rant on events

“Hey oh, here i am and here we go life’s waiting to begin”

-The Adventure
Angels and Airwaves.

One of the best weddings i’ve been to!

And who knew it that The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves would play so well on you guys’s video.

Well, congrats again albert and rachel! heres to an awesome session ahead of you guys!
And an awesome Adventure waiting! =D


“Watched you spin around in your highest heels, you are the best one of the best ones..

You have stolen my heart, you have stolen my heart.”

Dashboard Confessionals

Oh you have, and these butterflies in my stomach.

“woah woah, wait up my Son.” and here i am.



Celebrating CNY back in Seremban this time around.

having to see my “Ah Tai” was a great joy, safe to say.
In our glorious Hakka language.
He said.

21 and legal to get married!

Oh what joy. what joy. “-_-
My mom side of the family pride themselves in weddings.

and i’m serious.

After all these years! it’s still up there!

Mom & Dad’s awesome wedding photo. you gotta love my Dad’s Bowtie.
Funky. real Funky!

Besides the whole celebration thing.
Manage to run away to a small town fun fare in a near by taman.
In the midst of the whole loud fireworks and head banging “Gong xi Gong Xi”

A Good Rm4 manage to throw me up a Ferries Wheel.

oh boy, It’s good to be back once in a while.

“So we rewind back to the times when life’s not making any sense… you would hold me, you’d understand.
today is a beautiful day. Dear future, come get me. I’m ready now, for anything.”

-Dear Future, The Fold.

We build bridges, some take years, longer perhaps.  it gets you to where you wanna be.


and we wonder how the days go by.

Campus camp was awesome! and just too fast. just passed by way too fast.
Should be longer! =D
Will trying to rant about it when i have the pictures.

It seems we’re fearfully made and designed. But it’s a shame we can be so blind. We’re all the same,
made of hair and bones and water and blood cells. We’re all to blame for spending way too much time on ourselves.

The Classic Crime

Just to prove a point? or is it just because “me” issue?

Choose to not to hate but to even pray.
I’m not disappointed but it’s the sense that God is about to do something Big in Malaysia
open doors? perhaps.

I choose to bless my nation.


*wow, i’m even amazed how much i’ve “Grown” .
Enjoy the photo galore again. and photos may or may not relate to some of the stuff i write.
but then again, it’s a photo galore. wait. does that even mean anything?


Like an instrument for a song, Like the sun for tomorrow’s dawn..
Every moment of time’s just an answer to find what you’re here for, what you breathe for.
What you wake for, what you bleed for, What you hope for, what you live for.

Still have yet to find out, i guess it will come to pass when you have that “AHA!” moment in your life.
Some many dreams to live out, so many roads to take.

Pulling your confidence through, some courage is well overdue.

And i guess, it takes a man to do this. it’s time to grow up.
someone precious  said this on my FB page. “Don’t just act like a big boy, BE ONE!”

Takes pretty much alot of courage don’t you think? don’t it  come with the age?
I guess it’s a decision that you have to make some point or rather.
Honestly, scared. alot of shedding of mask this year and really be one.

I am trying and really, thanks for all the patience involving.

This kid is finally trying to grow up.

Everyone’s counting on you, save for yourself what to do.
Life is a card that you lay down sometimes.

With that comes alot of responsibilities. it’s not that i have not been taking them.
just that i wanna manage them better.

having a the thought of leading people, oh boy. you gotta be really brave to do it.

and the question being thrown at me always is;

“Are you gonna be always know as the guy that people go to for lame jokes or that reliable leader that people go to for help?”

and this was; two years ago. lets get more serious this year. nope, not gonna lost that fun side.
gonna carry on with it but with a huge role wanting to be that leader.
a good analogy; a dinosaur in a clown suit. wait. thats not right..

I believe solely in all your promise, why waste a second in doubt.
You could be helping you out, keeping your head in the clear..

and i’m still doing what i’m doing since i left KK.
and i’m still holding on to all the promises that God has promise and what he spoke through alot of people.
and i’m believing that most things happened is all for a good reason, i grew. i know that.
and times, it may seem i’m alone. sorry that i failed to see there is always a bunch of wacko people who cares.

To people who i am like an older brother, i’m trying to be better this year.
To people who takes me like a younger brother, i’m trying to be good this year.
To people who took the courage and patience trying to help shape me, i’m trying and willing.

No more twenty anymore.
and again, Gung gung, poh poh. i’m a big boy this year.

To search for the best way of all, is finding the best way to fall.
Keeping your head in the clear.

No more looking for my own ways.
i say it alot. so since speaking it is powerful.
i’m gonna act on it as well.

Hey twenty-one, i’m taking you on.

I’m taking you on!

-Lyrics by Mutemath, Progress

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