The Writings.

“I remember I was at this weird place in life, in college… I mean college is a weird time. It’s that transition, and there’s always a girl involved, and there’s always the whole life story, of what am I going to do with the rest my life involved. And I’m driving down this mountain late at night and the moon is pretty much the only other light, other than the headlights, and it’s this windy road and I’m coming back down to San Diego and I’m listening to James Taylor… and that one moment, for me, was a defining moment. Because I mean, I’ve been to a James Taylor concert and I felt super out of place, so it wasn’t so much the idea that these are songs I’ve heard on the radio and everyone knows them. Sometimes that song that you’ve heard a lot of times it just somehow grabs you, and that was kind of a moment for me.”

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

In the midst of Friends.
Voicing out should have, maybes, could haves.

In the midst of Lover,
Speaking on love, spectacular feats, broken promises.

In the midst of Brothers,
being reminded of holding on, going strong, brotherhood.

In the midst of Sisters,
talking about encouragements, not giving up, breaking through.

In the midst of laughter, tears and hope.
I saw people, learning to breathe again.
Learning how to die, learning how to see, learning how to trust once again.

In the midst of it all, stood a man.
and you, through passing on. Defined a moment.
Defined what it is to live. what it is to be alive.

In the midst of it all.
i saw a hope through your eyes. a hope to change the world.

and you did.

In Loving Memory of Joash Wee


“..bring down these walls, that we might not be so afraid.
as we lie here and wait, not for time and space.

But for something beautiful to begin.”

– Journal Entry.

The calm wind blew against his face.
there Timmy stood.
under that tree.
the tyre swing moved gently according to the direction of the wind.
There Timmy stood. waiting.
In his hands.
a small sunflower.

Sun beam lit up his face as it criss-cross through the branches.
The morning sunlight, pleasant.
The cool morning breeze, Uplifting.

There Timmy stood. waiting.
A spectacular display stood before him.
Dandelions floated around him, still.
He kept the sunflower safe.
The sun stood still in the sky.

Though somethings he could not understand.
but he stood around under the tree.
maybe it was the day he found that sunflower under the tree.
on the base of the tyre swing it sat.
As bright as the colors of the flower, his memories remains.

“maybe the owner might come back looking for it again.”
As he patiently wait under the tree.
“hi, i think that belongs to me.”
She said cheekily while extending her hands out.
“oh! oh okay.”
Smiles Timmy as he handed the sunflower over to her.

In all her innocence, this girl.
Pretty in her dress, she started to run off.
“oh, wait!”
She turns, looks at little Timmy
Sunlight bounces off her hair and face as she removes the hair from her face smilling.
“You wanna stay for a moment?”
asked Timmy.

She smiled back at Timmy
turned and ran off.
Smiling back, Timmy waved.
and left that very tree..

There he was the next day.
Something on the tyre swing caught his attention.
it was a Sunflower.

he looked around.
Picked the sunflower up.

There Timmy stood. waiting.

The heart has reasons that reason cannot know. – Blaise Pascal

like woah.