…amazing, just the way you are.

-Bruno Mars.


“It’s like being in love. ‘It’s amazing… and I’m scared to death.'”

Jon Foreman

Wow, it looks like it’s been a long time since i’ve updated something.

So it’s something to hold you guys back for my next update. Blows dust away.

Beck said it right.

“Everybody’s gotta learn sometimes.”

“I was thinking about how love (not just lust or codependency that commonly flood the tunes on the airways) actually involves quite a bit of faith. There’s a lot of letting go involved. Two souls in love is an intricate dance of give and take..”

Jon foreman

“I remember I was at this weird place in life, in college… I mean college is a weird time. It’s that transition, and there’s always a girl involved, and there’s always the whole life story, of what am I going to do with the rest my life involved. And I’m driving down this mountain late at night and the moon is pretty much the only other light, other than the headlights, and it’s this windy road and I’m coming back down to San Diego and I’m listening to James Taylor… and that one moment, for me, was a defining moment. Because I mean, I’ve been to a James Taylor concert and I felt super out of place, so it wasn’t so much the idea that these are songs I’ve heard on the radio and everyone knows them. Sometimes that song that you’ve heard a lot of times it just somehow grabs you, and that was kind of a moment for me.”

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

In the midst of Friends.
Voicing out should have, maybes, could haves.

In the midst of Lover,
Speaking on love, spectacular feats, broken promises.

In the midst of Brothers,
being reminded of holding on, going strong, brotherhood.

In the midst of Sisters,
talking about encouragements, not giving up, breaking through.

In the midst of laughter, tears and hope.
I saw people, learning to breathe again.
Learning how to die, learning how to see, learning how to trust once again.

In the midst of it all, stood a man.
and you, through passing on. Defined a moment.
Defined what it is to live. what it is to be alive.

In the midst of it all.
i saw a hope through your eyes. a hope to change the world.

and you did.

In Loving Memory of Joash Wee

He breathe his last.

Final string of fire pulsing through his veins.

The heart beats for the final time.

People around him wept.

Father sits at the edge of His throne.

Only heaven knows why.

The life he left behind.

Could be the only cure for the pain.

In the Loving memory of Joash Wee.